Housing Assignments To Come

Now that you have completed your housing application within the Study Away Confirmation Portal, I know many of you can’t wait to find out your housing assignments. Thank you for your patience as these placements are confirmed. You’ll receive an email from Washington, D.C. staff approximately two weeks before arrival with details about your living arrangements for the coming semester.

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Set up Direct Deposit

Ebills will be sent to your NYU email next week around July 15.  In addition to paying them by the deadline (August 5), consider setting up direct deposit with NYU if you anticipate receiving any portion in the form of a refund.  This will minimize the time it takes to receive these funds.

Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Bursar’s website here.

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Reminder: Health Forms Due August 1

As a reminder, health history forms are due to the NYU Health Center by August 1.

NYU students should have picked these up at 726 Broadway, 3rd floor prior to leaving campus for the semester.

Visiting students should have received these at their permanent address in early June.

If you have any questions or still need to obtain these forms, please email health.requirements@nyu.edu or call 212-443-1199.

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Internship Tips from Tom McIntyre

Dear Fall 2014 NYUDC Cohort,

Summer is here!  As you take time to unwind from the academic year, it is important to start looking ahead to your time in Washington, DC.  Internships are a hallmark of the student experience in the US Capitol, and now is the time to reflect and contemplate what you hope to learn and take away from your time here.

First, research your options. There are 100s of opportunities ranging from government agencies to nonprofits to private businesses that rely on interns in Washington, DC.  Be sure to consider your options for internship placements. How will each placement move you towards your career goals?  What placement would best build your network?  What do you want to take away from your internship experience?

Be sure to narrow your search.  Recognize the importance of time management!  How many hours will your commitment be? What are your learning outcomes, professional networking opportunities, etc? NYU Washington, DC recommends that students offer 20 hours/week of work in their internships while pursuing full-time coursework.  Remember that it is always easier to add hours to your internship than it is to reduce them.

Build a strong resume and cover letter for each application.  See the Wasserman Center’s website for resume and cover letter workshops and tips.  Wasserman staff are accessible and helpful to NYU students preparing for the application process.  You are encouraged to visit with them in NYC or virtually through skype and their website.

Washington, DC has a different professional environment than New York City. Be sure that you are presenting yourself congruently to the expectations of the organization with which you are interviewing. Prior to your departure, take advantage of the Wasserman Center’s interview resources and workshops/events.

Apply!  We recommend that you apply to 3-4 different internship placements.  NYU Washington, DC staff are always available to help guide you through the process and offer advice.  Be sure to keep us informed of where you are applying. Washington, DC is a small town, and NYU has a lot of connections to help you through this process.

We look forward to seeing you this fall, and know that your time spent here will be rewarding.

Feel free to contact me for internship assistance, or any questions you may have. I can be reached at 202.654.8327 or by email at tom.mcintyre@nyu.edu.


All the best,

Tom McIntyre

Assistant Director, External Relations and Special Programs

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Health Insurance

All students studying in Washington DC will automatically be enrolled in the NYU Sponsored Student Health Insurance.  This coverage will be provided (paid for) by the University. Students will be given the basic plan.  The Student Health Insurance Guide can be found at:


The plan administrator is Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) and the provider network is Multiplan. Additional information can be found on the University’s main Student Health Insurance page: http://www.nyu.edu/shc/about/insurance.html.

If you are enrolled in University-sponsored insurance and have a health insurance charge on your e-bill for the fall, please simply ignore it. We will work on removing the charge from your e-bill, but you will not have to do anything right now.

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Review Upcoming July To-Dos

Please take some time to review your July To-Dos  to get a sense of upcoming required deadlines and recommended to-dos!

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Past Due Deadline

The following items are required of all students attending NYU Washington, D.C. Fall 2014 and are now PAST DUE.  Please click on the links below for more information.

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